Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Greatest Threat Since FDA Tried to Turn Nutrients into Prescription Drugs!

Let Your Voice be Heard on September 8th
The FDA has proposed new guidelines that will enable the government to ban the most effective dietary supplements you are now taking.

If these guidelines are enacted, many of the most valuable supplements you take today will be removed from the market.
What is Being Done to Stop this Travesty?

To give you an idea about how dangerous these draconian proposals are, Life Extension® helped organize a protest. And dozens of other health freedom organizations agreed to synchronize a consumer revolt.

The date of this citizens uprising is Thursday, September 8, 2011.

We need to convince Congress to review the FDA's absurd claims and stand against the draft New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) guidelines. Please join us in this nationwide campaign!

We're asking each of you to phone your Senators and Representative on September 8 and voice your opposition to the NDI (dietary supplement) guidance.

Tell them why you're upset over the NDI guidance, and ask them to hold hearings on the FDA's position. The FDA is clearly overreaching its authority, and the logic of its arguments is beyond absurd. Congress has FDA oversight and needs to review the agency's actions in creating this new guidance.

Please call the congressional switchboard toll-free at             1-877-762-8762      . They will connect you with your Representative's office. You can use the same phone number to be connected to the office of each of your two Senators. Here is a Citizen's Petition you can read to the health staff member you speak with:
"The FDA has proposed guidelines that place burdensome new restrictions on dietary supplements introduced after October 15, 1994. That means that nutrients that I have been safely using over the course of three decades will be subject to the FDA's oppressive policies that mandate costly animal testing. This translates into forced withdrawal from the market of many of my dietary supplements and higher prices for me if the supplement is allowed to be sold again. I ask that you call the FDA Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements at             1-888-723-3366       and demand that they withdraw the proposed guidelines they issued in July 2011 and work with the Alliance for Natural Health to formulate safety guidelines that make sense for the consumer and the economy."
Click here to email this same petition to your Congressional members (but please also phone it in … it's that important!).

After speaking with the office of your Representative and two Senators, call the FDA Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements at             1-888-723-3366      to read the following citizen's petition to them:
"I am petitioning the FDA regarding your draft guidance on New Dietary Ingredient notifications for dietary supplements known as Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues.
I demand that you immediately disregard all the proposals you outlined and instead consider a rational and scientific approach to regulating new dietary ingredients that will be submitted to you by the Alliance for Natural Health within the next 90 days.
Your proposed guidelines on New Dietary Ingredients will cause the price of my supplements to skyrocket, and some of these life-sustaining supplements are likely to disappear altogether.
This is not acceptable especially when there are no significant reports of adverse reactions to the supplements the FDA may ban.
In as much as your threat to ban my access to new dietary ingredients is causing me great anxiety which is injurious to my health, I insist that you immediately put your proposed new guidance on hold for a 90-day period so that the Alliance for Natural Health can submit comments to ensure a system that protects me against unsafe ingredients without destroying my access to low-cost effective nutrients."
Click here to print out this petition and add any words you choose and fax this to the FDA at the following number:             (301) 436-2639       (but please also phone it in … it's that important!).

You will be hearing more about this urgent matter from Life Extension and other health freedom organizations very soon.

Mark your calendar to participate in the citizens uprising on Thursday, September 8. On that date of September 8th, make these four toll-free phone calls (three to your members of Congress and one to the FDA).

Please don't let apathy stand in the way of the government's latest attempt to take away your most important dietary supplements.

For longer life,
William Faloon
Why We Can Prevail …
For those who don't recall, the federal government came very close to transforming high-potency supplements intoprescription drugs in the 1970s.
The medical establishment lobbied so hard that it was a foregone conclusion that Congress would change the law and force Americans to obtain prescriptions for many of their supplements.
No one expected the consumer backlash that overwhelmed Congress into submission.
Vitamin users inundated Congress with so many protests that the Proxmire Vitamin Bill was enacted in 1976. This bill prohibited the FDA from turning dietary supplements into "drugs" as the American Medical Association was urging.
Annual vitamin sales were less than $2 billion in the 1970s, yet Congress received more mail from angry vitamin supplement users than any other issue except the Vietnam War.
Today, Americans use over $26 billion of dietary supplements each year, so you can imagine how many angry protests Congress will hear when the public learns the FDA is trying toban every supplement introduced after October 15, 1994.
The FDA's proposed guidelines represent the greatest threatto health freedom since the medical establishment tried to seize control over your right to ingest food supplements. Please act up on September 8th by contacting the FDA and Congress at the phone numbers provided in this e-mail.
Mark Your Calendar To Call In On September 8th!

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