Friday, March 25, 2011

Ceasefire Magazine Interviews Noam Chomsky Discusses Libya, The Palestine Papers, Union Reform

CeasefireMagazine interviews Noam Chomsky from Frank Barat on Vimeo.
On Thursday, 10th March 2011, Hicham Yezza, editor-in-chief of Ceasefire Magazine, conducted an interview with world-renowned linguist, philosopher and political analyst Noam Chomsky.

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Discussion points of the interview:

1.  Chomsky discusses Edward Said's criticism of Chomsky's theoretical reflection on truth. :25

2. Prospect for a peaceful democratic Iraq. 1:53

3. Prospects for a peaceful world that is composed of states. 4:52

4. Obama's election & significant improvements for African Americans & how significant role of race plays today. 10:36

5. Are trade unions irrelevant today & the possibility of a building strong public labor movement without unions & is it worth trying to revise & reform unions. 14:31

6.  Antonio Gramsci 16:25

7. Chomsky on regretting issues that he has taken a stance on.17:05

8. Chomsky's view on Libya. 18:21
**I highly recommend listening**

9. Chomsky's opinion on The Palestinian Papers leaked to the press & his views on the Israel/Palestine conflict & what will happen. 21:49
**I highly recommend listening**

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